Previous Employer Verification Request

Fill out a driver record once, and never have to touch it again. Get paid each time a prospective employer purchases your records.

Automate your Verifications

The FMCSA requires previous employment verification of the most recent 3 years for all CDL Drivers. Historically, conducting these checks has been a manual, time-consuming process.

Signature Templates

It's a simple and modern solution designed to immediately increase your speed-to-hire and alleviate the burden of ensuring compliant employment checks. Simply send a request to automatically have formatted email send for their signature.

Trucking industry compliance

Driver employment history automation is a valuable asset for trucking companies. By automating the process of collecting and managing driver employment records, employers can streamline hiring procedures, saving time and resources. This automation ensures compliance with FMCSA regulations and enhances the accuracy of data, reducing errors and potential risks. Accessing verified employment history with ease allows carriers to make informed decisions about potential hires, ensuring they meet necessary qualifications and possess a solid track record. Ultimately, this optimization not only boosts efficiency but also enhances the overall safety and reliability of the trucking operations, making it a crucial tool for modern trucking companies.